Hardware stamping technology level

- 2021-03-26-

Since many stamping factories belong to the OEMs, the stamping parts market is very imperfect and sound. However, the market for small stamping parts is very mature in some parts of the south. Judging from the current situation, my country's stamping parts market has the following problems:

(1) Some production capacity is oversupply, and some stamping plants in the main engine factory can't put it away, and can't hold it. In most of the year, there are insufficient production tasks and no market behavior.

(2) The market competition of home appliances and electrical appliance stamping parts industries is fierce. However, there are not many internationally competitive companies that have become a climate.

(3) There is no one to study the stamping parts market seriously. The stamping parts market is messy.  In the above-mentioned market conditions, technological development is restricted, and the entire industry is also lagging behind, manifested in:

(1) The overall level is low, and many industries have excess production capacity and lack high-end technology. Technological progress is slow.

(2) The level of material technology, mold technology, lubrication technology and equipment are all at a low level, far from meeting the needs of domestic production development