Casting Die

What is casting die?
FST® casting die is a manufacturing process used to produce metal parts with precise dimensions, clear outlines, smooth or textured metal parts. This is achieved by pressing molten metal into a reusable metal mold under high pressure.
casting die is a metal casting process characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into the cavity. The cavity is made using two hardened tool steel molds. These molds are processed into a certain shape during processing and work in a similar way to injection molds. Most casting die is made of non-ferrous metals, especially zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin and tin-based alloys. Depending on the type of metal to be cast, a hot chamber or cold chamber machine is used.
The manufacture of parts using casting die is relatively simple, involving only four main steps, so that the incremental cost of each product is kept low. It is especially suitable for a large number of small and medium-sized castings. Therefore, casting die can produce more castings than any other casting process. FST® casting die is characterized by very good surface finish (according to casting standards) and size consistency.
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